Hand Quilting & Binding

Whole Cloth Quilt Feather border


Double Line Quilting in a Baltimore Album quilt border


Medallion Block in a Whole Cloth Quilt


This is the border on a beautiful Baltimore Album quilt I hand quilted for a customer.  The close double line quilting is typical of an early 20th century quilt.

I made a whole cloth quilt with each block being a different pattern as opposed to the more typical whole cloth quilt having an overall or medallion style pattern.  This is one of the blocks.  Because of it’s design, I was able to use the quilt-as-you-go method.  With all hand quilting, this quilt took me 400 hours to complete.

Hand Quilting in a Wedding Dress Quilt


This block is part of a larger quilt made from a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses.  These plain blocks are alternated with pieced blocks and the plainness of the block enabled me to bring out a pretty quilting design.   The entire quilt can be viewed in my gallery.  Here you can see the basting stitches that had not been removed yet.