Heirloom Quilts and their meanings….


From where I sit, I have the privilege of hearing the “narratives” about each quilt – the antique-vintage quilts, the new quilts, the commemorative-memory quilt that symbolizes the life of a dear one.  There are so many, many poignant stories tied to these fabric artforms  we call  quilts.  This is part of the magic and mystery that draws me to them.  What is your story?

“I am thankful for the ubiquity of narratives, because they are links between people.  Between the teller and the hearer.  Between the artist and the audience.  Often we don’t get to hear the stories behind the objects and art around us, but just the presence of purpose in them makes them more meaningful for us.  That building, that sculpture, that bench is there because someone made it and put it there.  Be forewarned: exercise your senses and you’ll develop an appetite for stories.  One leads to another.  But don’t worry – there’s a veritable feast of narratives for those who will take the time to sit at the table.”  Bruce Van Patter in his Benched Series on Facebook

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