Antique Quilts and Shop-hopping

During this Christmas season, I had the pleasure of visiting some great antique shops.  It was fun! But it also tugged at my heartstrings…there were antique quilts for sale and they were the real deal antiques.  They ran the gamut of scrappy to patterned to applique and they were ALL beautiful, even the torn ones.  I was really tempted – especially to “rescue” the abandoned quilt tops!  I am thinking, “I could soooo hand quilt that right up and have it looking polished and whole in no time!”  (My subconscious thought quickly remembered that I have about 10 lonely, undone quilt tops sitting in a trunk in my sewing studio!)  What pulled on my heartstrings is the thought that these quilts that now call an antique shop home, used to be part of a family.  I let my  mind wander as I wistfully turned them over in my hand…They were made by someone who intentionally constructed them for whatever reason.  Perhaps the quilt was given to someone special or maybe it was made to just cover a bed for warmth.  Perhaps it was made to use up fabric.  Maybe it was made to teach someone how to quilt.  Whatever the reason, those quilts were probably  special in a family. Without the story behind the quilt, they are devoid of meaning.  That is the wonderful thing about quilts – they hold so much meaning!  Without the story behind it, they are just simply beautiful cloth. Do you have an old quilt in your household or somewhere in your family? Have you found out it’s “place” in your family?  2012 would be a good time to identify your heirloom!

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