A Traditional Trip Around the World Quilt

This is a hand quilted Trip Around the World quilt.  I am currently cutting up all my scraps into 1 1/2 inch blocks to make what I think will come out to be 3 king sized postage stamp quilts.  I made this one already and love it – a scrappy, colorful mess of little fabric tiles!  It is a lot of labor but is so therapeutic – both the process of doing it and knowing that I am using up scraps – I am being sustainable right?  There were a few people in history who have made quilts from many tiny pieces.  I came across 3 of them:

In 1892 Sarah A. Haynes of Gladwyn, Michigan made a quilt out of piecing together half inch triangles of grosgrain silk ribbon.  It took her 17 years and there ended up being 33,782 pieces in the quilt!

In the early 1900s, Grace Snyder of Nebraska made a flower basket quilt designed from  a piece of china, out of 87,789 pieces. Each square was a half inch in diameter, comprised of 2 triangles!

And in 1944, Albert Small pieced a quilt which looks almost like a tiled mosaic.  It contained 123,200 hexagons and each piece was only 1/4 inch wide!  He holds the record for the most number of pieces in a patchwork quilt, however this record is unofficial and is not in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Is that inspiring or what?  We had better get cutting and sewing – we have quite a job ahead of us!

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