Custom Commemorative Quilts – The Trust Factor

Wedding_Quilt_2_1  A large subset of my work is making commemorative quilts – quilts made from baby clothes, a deceased loved one’s clothes, a wedding dress, T-shirts.   People also send  me their heirloom quilts for restoration and/or finishing.  Still others have quilts-quilt tops that  have come from loved ones before their time, some have been made by an existing family member  and they want the quilt completed.  As I work with customers, I am struck be the common theme of trust and how huge this is – not only in business in general, but especially when it comes to precious heirloom and custom made quilts.  How much trust does THAT take?!  I do not take this trust lightly.  I understand how difficult it must be to package up that heirloom/materials, whatever it may be, and send it off to me, hoping that I will make a quality product  while taking good care of their heirloom.  I am very, very careful to be resourceful with the materials.  And great care is taken in any restoration or finishing process.  This is a quote from Pam, a woman I am working with right now – “It was great talking to you and seeing the squares that are finished!  I was lucky to find you as your work is beautiful!”  She wants to give a quilt to her  small granddaughter.  We are taking her daughter’s baby clothes (the Mom of the granddaughter), making a quilt top out of them and then using the grandmother’s wedding dress as the quilt back.  What a wonderful, unique heirloom to give to her granddaughter – a one of a kind gift that will live on through the generations and commemorate very special lives in a family.  This is one of the facets of quilts that I love the most – the quilt’s ability to commemorate!  And she is entrusting me with all the materials and trusting that I will do a good job on this quilt.  I am honored.  I work to build that  trust with every quilt I do for people.  I am hoping that my website substantiates my abilities in working with quilts and proves out as much as is possible that the work will be done with the utmost care/quality.

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