Quite an Heirloom!

I just made a quilt for a woman that is quite an heirloom!  I made the top from her daughter’s baby clothes and the back  from her wedding dress.  The lattice strips on the front of the quilt are from her “going away” dress on her wedding day.  The quilt back contains all the lace brocade as well as a big bow that was on her wedding dress.   She plans on giving this quilt to her granddaughter.  One of her primary reasons for having this made is that the baby clothes and her wedding dress have just been sitting in boxes in the attic for years and she wanted to see and enjoy them somehow!  Here is the email she sent to me yesterday upon receiving the quilt.  “Our quilt arrived safely and it is more than I had hoped for!  It is truly beautiful.  The back is just as lovely as the front!  I definitely chose the right person as your work is exquisite.  It is so lovely it made me cry.  Thank you soooo much for making my idea become a reality!”  – Pam       It was so much fun to see this quilt develop.  I loved being a part of the creative process and what an heirloom to create for this family!   I counted  it a privilige to help Pam turn her idea into a reality.DSCN5450 DSCN5458

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